Cancer May Become Killer Disease by 2015

25Cancer might become the leading cause of death for non-communicable diseases by 2015 in the country if the current trend of significant increase in different cancers’ continued unabated, two cancer experts Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy and Dr. Senthil J. Rajappa have said.

Dr. Reddy, Director of Apollo Cancer Hospital, said the incidence of cancers in the country had doubled in the last two years.

While six lakh new cases were added in 2010, the number of fresh cases was more than 12 lakh in 2012.

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Many Unaware of Lung Cancer Dangers

24Many Irish people appear to have a lack of awareness about the dangers of lung cancer, new research suggests.

According to a survey of over 1,000 adults, which was launched by the Irish Cancer Society (ICS), just over half of people are unaware that lung cancer is Ireland’s biggest cancer killer, while one-third of people with three or more symptoms of the disease are unconcerned about being diagnosed with it.

Furthermore, three in four adults have never had a conversation with their doctor or pharmacist about the disease.

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Is Lemon a Cancer Cure?

23With an increase in reporting by major media outlets discussing the many health benefits of various fruits and vegetables and how they play a part in fighting disease, you may have already heard that lemons cure cancer. While this isn’t completely factual, there have been several studies that purport to show a strong basis in using lemons for cancer treatment. It should also be noted that there are conflicting reports detailing that, while lemons and other citrus fruits do contain cancer-fighting properties, exactly how effective they are against particular types of cancer has yet to be accurately determined. While the connection between lemons and cancer is yet to be established, it is quite clear that lemons have some clear benefits that are best not ignored.

Health Benefits of Lemons for Cancer

What are the health benefits of lemon when it relates to cancer? In addition to the Vitamin C found in lemon juice, which is already a very well known alternative cancer treatment in its own right, the peel of the lemon also offers many health benefits, one of the most important being that lemon peel can help to eradicate toxins in your body. This may be why lemons for cancer are being studied and touted as a great remedy.

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Another Cancer Killer? Guyabano

22I’m not one prone to get wrapped up into “urban legends”, “old wives tales”, “nutritional scams”, and all the rest, too much meticulous “research-ability” (if that’s a word) in my nature, and I know in my heart and instincts that the Guyabano plant is truly a miracle healer.

It kills me when I continue to read volumes upon volumes, including extensive overseas medical research and studies, that have proven there are countless natural solutions to cancer, many of which have been used for millinea.

Wanted to post this article about the Guyabano, a.k.a.. Soursop fruit, the “Cancer Killer”.

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Neanderthal Genes May Be to Blame For Modern Killer Diseases Such as Cancer And Diabetes

21It has been around 30,000 years since the ancestors of modern-day humans are thought to have wiped out the ancient Neanderthals.

But new research shows that the extinct species could be taking revenge on us from beyond the grave by making us more vulnerable to potentially killer diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Neanderthals and modern humans are thought to have co-existed for thousands of years and interbred, meaning Europeans now have roughly 2 per cent Neanderthal DNA.

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